Getalit Laminate Work Surfaces

Getalit Laminate worksurfaces offer a quality worksurface at a very affordable price point.

What Are Laminate Kitchen Work Surfaces

Laminate tops are extremely durable. Despite being competitively priced they are highly resistant to scratching, heat & staining. Getalit worksurfaces are a premium product that at first glance may not be immediate to the eye. However, they are produced under extremely high heat and pressure designed to withstand daily wear and tear in most homes. It is never advisable to put any form of hot pan or heat directly into any laminate worksurface and it is recommended that heat protection and chopping boards are used.

They come in a multitude of colours to suit most tastes and also, a choice of depths in slim finishes, without the bulky chunky look that some manufacturers have developed in a bid to strengthen their surfaces. This is not necessary with Getalit, it is German engineering and quality at its best.

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